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Simplicity Images - Photography by Jenny-Lynn

Simplicity images strives to deliver exceptional images and services representing quality, creativity, integrity and simplicity, at a very reasonable and affordable rate. Family, Friends, Engagements,Weddings,Glamour shots, Sports, Pets & More! *Photographers produce and preserve images that paint a picture, tell a story, or record an event.

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Register to win with our regular family & group primary packages as well with same info. Winners will recieve :   Free CD to be used with a package order, Free 11x14, or 10% off.

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Everyday packages available at great prices! Family, Friends, Events, Weddings,Glamour,Sports, Pets & more! Special weekend packages will be posted when offers are available.  Additional options and add on's will also be available at all times! Appointments Available 7 days a week! Email us today to reserve yours!  Leave us your email to recieve additional specials and offers!



Action Photography
While professionals who take action shots may specialize in a variety of different subjects, sports photography is one of the fastest and most exciting types of photography. As with any action shot, a good sports photographer has to know his or her subject well enough to anticipate when to take pictures. The same rule goes for photographers taking action shots of animals in nature or of a plane taking off.

Glamour Photography
Glamour photography  seeks to capture its subject in suggestive poses that emphasize curves and shadows. As the name implies, the goal of glamour photography is to depict the model in a glamorous light. Consequently, many glamour shots carry flirtatious, mysterious and playful tones.

Portraiture is one of the oldest types of photography. Whether the subject is your family or your pet, the goal of portraiture is to capture the personality of the subject or group of subjects.

Wedding Photography
Wedding photography is a blend of different types of photography. Although the wedding album is a documentary of the wedding day, wedding photos can be retouched and edited to produce a variety of effects. For example, a photographer may treat some of the pictures with sepia toning to give them a more classic, timeless look. In addition, a wedding photographer must have portrait photography skills. He may also have to employ glamour photography techniques to capture the bride and groom at their best.

The Art of Taking Pictures
Taking photos is an art form that often produces evocative and engaging photos. Looking at pictures taken by a good photographer is like looking at a painting: the photo evokes a certain mood and often carries a specific message. Whether they focus on portraits, landscapes or wildlife, many photographers seek to make the practice of taking photos into a refined art. A framed photo can be just as artful as a painting or sculpture.